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Graduate Programme

Rebecca Routledge Graduate Marketer

“I started working for the company in September 2016 after securing a graduate Marketing position through the Graduate Scheme. It was such an amazing way to be welcomed into the company and the journey allowed me to discover more about each of the departments.

I wanted to find a role where I could look to grow my knowledge as well as implement what I learnt at university. The role with Story Homes was perfect for achieving both of those objectives as the graduate scheme here is very focused on enabling graduates to hone their technical expertise.

A typical week involves me working on our brand projects, which will look to significantly change the experience we offer to customers as well as designing brochures, creating content, updating specification documents and designing leaflets, flyers and even planning TV adverts for the upcoming marketing campaigns.

What I love about Story Homes is the way that everyone is made to feel like a valued member of the team, not just another number like some other big companies. It is professional yet friendly and there is a real drive to succeed, which seems to be instilled in every colleague. Everyone wants to succeed because they are really well rewarded for their hard work.”

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