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Approval pending


Detailed Planning Application

Land South of Carlisle Road, Brampton

Following approval of a non-material amendment application to build our new ‘Story Collection’ house type range on the first build phase, we have submitted a new full application for 80 dwellings on the remainder of the Site which will see the total number of dwellings on the entire development increase from 91 to 108 (compared to current planning approval reference number 17/0869).

Our latest proposal seeks approval for the new ‘Story Collection’ house type range as well as the additional dwellings. The full application is currently open for consultation on the Carlisle City Council website (reference number 19/0380).

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Affordable housing

Up to 30% of the new homes on the development would be classed as ‘affordable’ homes and will be allocated to local people.

New school places

New secondary school places would be provided for, in line with expected local demand.

Economic benefits

The scheme would have benefits for the local economy during the construction phase as a result of direct and indirect employment opportunities through the sub-contractor and supply chains.

Carlisle City Council would receive approximately £1m in extra revenue from the New Homes Bonus from the government over a six-year period, money which the council can then re-invest.

Implementation of travel plan

There will be a travel plan in place encouraging future residents to use sustainable forms of transport.

About Us

We are a family grown business with 30 years of experience in developing land and communities. Since 1987, we have grown into one of the most respected and well-known companies in the north of England thanks to our designs, our ability to sensitively plan and build developments that retain the character and style of an area, our customer service and our attention to detail. Our success is built upon our excellent reputation, knowledge and understanding of the industry. This success is underpinned by the quality and high specification of our homes, the way our developments enhance locations, and ultimately our determination to understand the needs of the communities where we build. In partnership with our subcontractors and supply chains, we always strive to go the extra mile in everything we do:

  • We employ local people
  • We use local materials where possible
  • We support local communities
  • We are a good neighbour in the communities we impact upon
  • We build beautiful homes which will continue to look great in years to come
  • We develop schemes that enhance communities
  • We build high quality, high specification, desirable homes
  • We provide ‘affordable’ homes for local people
  • We collect detailed feedback from our customers and identify and take action on areas for improvement

Closed for comment

This consultation is now closed for comment. However, you can still register your interest below.

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