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Social Media – Interaction Policy

Social media is a valuable tool for two way communication with our stakeholders, including our customers. We use social media to relay a variety of corporate messages and our channels are owned by the in-house PR and Communications team.

Our channels

We are currently active on various social media channels and we have the following accounts:

Monitoring and responding

Monitoring of social media takes place during normal office hours. When the team is not available to reply, they will aim to respond on the next working day, and always aim to get back to any questions within 24 hours (weekdays). If an answer cannot be found, we will respond to advise of this, and then come back later with further information. Where comments do not warrant a response, we simply monitor these and engage with a like or comment where appropriate. However, if you have an urgent enquiry, you should not use social media to contact us. Please use the appropriate channels such as the Aftercare phone line, or telephone one of our office locations.

Your security

For your own security, please do not post your plot details, address or contact information on a public post. If you have an aftercare issue, please call the Aftercare phoneline and they can check your information. If you do feel the need to contact us via social media, please send a message rather than a post to protect your own personal information.

Honesty and accuracy

We will take all possible steps to ensure that our posts and our replies are complete and accurate and if we do make an error, we will correct it immediately.

What we won’t tolerate

We want our pages to be a good source of information for those who choose to follow us, giving them a great user experience at all times. For this reason, we have some rules in place and we won’t tolerate the following poor examples of behaviour:

  • Bad language or inappropriate or offensive language
  • Threats or unwarranted claims
  • Trolling
  • Personal attacks against our colleagues, partner companies or customers
  • Spamming on our posts from individuals or from companies advertising their products

If we do encounter any of the above behaviour, we will reserve the right to delete the post from our page or in the worst case, block the user from our pages. We understand that you may have a valid issue or concern which you wish to raise with us and we are more than happy to deal with this and have a conversation with you through the appropriate formal channels, not through social media.

If you have any questions about our policy, you can contact us by email: communications@storyhomes.co.uk