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Happy clutter-free New Year!

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January always seems to arrive with a bump, jolting us out of our festive celebrations and launching us into a brand new year – ready or not! Although we may initially be reluctant to clear away the Christmas decorations, it can offer a great opportunity to embark on a more comprehensive decluttering exercise.

Stay energised

It’s a good idea to use your New Year energy to take your post-Christmas clear-up one stage further. If you can make headway in the first few weeks of the year, you’ll start enjoying the benefits of your clutter-free living space and it’ll motivate you to dig even deeper. If you can recruit other family members to the cause, encouraging them to declutter their own rooms, you’ll make quick progress.

Take one room at a time

It’s easy to get carried away with your urge to declutter and try to attack too many areas simultaneously. Instead, focus on one room at a time so you can see the results of your efforts. Start with the kitchen. Take stock of your small appliances and equipment – if you don’t remember last time you used your sandwich toaster/muffin maker/waffle iron, consider selling or donating it to free up space. Get rid of expired foodstuffs and clean your fridges and cupboards.

Reduce your paper mountain

Even though we all aspire to a paperless home office, it can be almost impossible to achieve. That said, it’s worth considering switching to online billing and statements, where possible, and spending a little time organising your household filing system so important documents are easy to find. Sort through your paper stack and shred any documents you no longer need. Going forward, resolve to sort, file and dispose of post as soon as it arrives.

Streamline your wardrobe

January is a good time to reassess your wardrobe. We’re all guilty of hanging on to things that are way past their sell-by date, so look at your clothes with a fresh pair of eyes and start making some tough decisions! If they’re in good condition, sell or donate items you don’t fit or no longer like. Once you’ve completed this task, keep a bag handy so you can add unwanted items to it throughout the year and donate when it’s full.

Happy New Year!

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