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Autumn can be the gloomiest time of year. With evening closing in before many of us have made it home at the end of a working day, homes can feel cold and unwelcoming. If you take a creative approach to lighting, you can shine a little brightness into the darkest corners all year round, creating a warm and comfortable haven that’s perfect for living, working and entertaining.

Mix it up with a variety of light sources

Every home needs a mix of general, task and mood lighting. You may want bright lights when you’re preparing a meal but you want to tone it down when you’re relaxing in front of the TV or enjoying a romantic dinner. So, mix and match ceiling spots with stylish pendants plus table and standard lamps – and candles – that can be positioned for low-level impact.

Stuck in the middle

If you’re choosing a pendant light, go for a statement piece that will create a big impact for a relatively low investment. Copper is on trend this season – we love this geometric copper pendant. Dimmers will allow you to fine-tune light levels, but it’s still best to include multiple lighting options in every room so you can create exactly the mood you need at the flick of a switch.

Illuminate your style

Lights don’t just provide illumination, they add depth and texture to your interior design scheme. You can pick lighting options to suit your decorative preferences. Whether you favour contemporary, vintage, industrial, romantic or the downright quirky, there’s a lighting solution for every setting and every budget. A pretty string of fairy lights can provide a twinkle of comfort – and these autumn leaves prove they’re not just for Christmas.

Give everyone a warm welcome – automatically

If, like us, you hate being the first one in on a dark evening, you could consider investing in a little tech to improve your homecoming. You can link your smartphone to an in-home device that will switch lights on for you in advance of your arrival – or simply use timer plugs on lamps to create a welcoming glow when darkness falls.

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