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Show your home a little love on Valentine’s Day

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As Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, it makes sense to show our homes some of the good stuff this February 14th!

February is an odd month – not quite winter, not yet spring – sitting midway between the bright lights of Christmas and the pastel shades of Easter. It can generally be relied upon to deliver some of the grimmest weather of the year, so if you’re not planning a romantic evening, why not turn up the heat, switch on the soft lighting and indulge yourself with a few well-deserved treats?

Cosy up

Dig out all your throws, blankets and squashy cushions and insulate yourself from the worst of the winter weather by creating a snug nest from which you can schedule a line-up of your favourite films (we love The Holiday), sip hot chocolate and engross yourself in a good book whenever the fancy takes you.

Top tip: Create a more welcoming atmosphere in the winter months by installing ‘warm’ bulbs in your lamps.

Turn your bathroom into a home spa

If you love a spot of pampering but – like most of us – don’t have the budget to indulge in spa sessions every month, you can still enjoy some first-rate me-time in your own bathroom. Treat yourself to a divine organic bath tea from Bespoke Aroma or create your own luxurious bath milk by combining a cupful of powdered milk with a third the volume of Epsom salts and a handful of dried rose petals, lavender heads or strips of sweet orange peel. Add a few drops of essential oil (according the flowers chosen) and you’re ready to go. A face mask or foot scrub will add to your feeling of relaxation.

Top tip: Choose a quiet time when you’re not likely to be disturbed!

Fill your home with beautiful bakes

Everyone loves a bit of home baking – which means it’s a great way of showing love! The process of baking can be quite soothing if you’ve nothing else to occupy your thoughts so schedule it for a time when you’re not watching the clock. You can find lots of recipes online – including those suitable for sharing with little helpers – the BBC has an excellent recipe repository. We’re in love with Madeleines at the moment. You’ll need a special tin but the joy of eating these tiny bites of heaven warm from the oven makes it more than worth the expense!

Top tip: Bake a big batch of cakes and cookies so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour days later straight from the freezer or tin!

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