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Nathan Halliburton Apprentice Bricklayer, Eden Gate, Houghton

What do you do on a day-to-day basis as an Apprentice?

As an apprentice bricklayer I am involved at the early stage of building the foundations for the houses on site, right through to the stage when the roof will be fixed. Working for Story Homes, we are known for using high quality materials, including stone. It is harder to build with stone which means that I am already learning skills that will set me apart in my future career.

What do you like about being an apprentice?

I really like how involved we are on the site and the way that apprentices become part of the team straight away. The site manager Mark makes a real effort to get to know us and keep us informed with what is happening on site. Everyone that I work with day-to-day have taught me so much over the last year.

Why did you choose this career?

Going to college and sitting in a classroom every day wasn’t for me. An apprenticeship is a great way to learn a trade with a mix of college-based but also practical learning. It is great to be able to put into practice everything that I learn straightaway. I also really like the way that I can get a full understanding of everything that happens on a building, which I just wouldn’t get in a classroom.

Is there any particular advice you would give to someone looking for a career in your area of work?

Try to secure an apprenticeship in the trade you are looking to work in. Ask lots of questions and try to get involved in as much as possible. Listen, learn and be prepared to make a few mistakes – it is all part of the learning process.

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“I really like how involved we are on the site and the way that apprentices become part of the team straightaway.”

Nathan Halliburton, Apprentice Bricklayer

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