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Stamp Duty on new builds

Get clued up on Stamp Duty and find out how much you will pay on your new home with our Stamp Duty calculator.

What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp Duty Land Tax, or the abbreviated version – SDLT, is a government charge everyone must pay when they purchase a property in England. It is charged on both new and pre-owned properties.

What is the Stamp Duty threshold for someone buying a new build?

If you’re buying a newly built home and are wondering how much do you pay, stamp duty on new builds is largely dependent on the purchase price of the home. This is true even if the home isn’t newly built. 

However, there are different thresholds for first-time buyers, home movers and those buying a second home. If the purchase price of the home you’re buying is under the threshold, there’s no Stamp Duty to pay.

Use our table below to calculate your Stamp Duty.

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How much Stamp Duty will I pay?

Use our Stamp Duty calculator to find out how much you will pay.

Work out the cost of Stamp Duty


Required stamp duty: £0

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Here’s a simple guide to the Stamp Duty rates:

What’s your buying position?

The property price

How much Stamp Duty do you pay?

First-time buyer

Up to £425,000 £0
Over £425,000 5% of the portion from £425,001 to £625,000

Home mover

Up to £250,000 £0
Over £250,000 5% of the portion from £250,001 to £925,000

Buying a second home

Up to £250,000 3% of the portion up to £250,000
Over £250,000 3% of the portion up to £250,000 and 8% of the portion from £250,001 to £925,000


Example for a first-time buyer purchasing a property for £500,000. The SDLT you owe will be calculated as:

0% on the first £425,000 = £0
5% on the remaining £75,000 = £3,750
Total SDLT = £3,750

If you’re not a UK resident for at least 183 days (6 months) during the 12 months before your purchase, you will need to pay a surcharge. For more details, visit the government’s website here.

When do you pay Stamp Duty on new builds?

Your conveyancer will usually calculate and pay the Stamp Duty on your behalf whilst they’re processing the purchase. Stamp Duty must be paid within 14 days of completion.

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