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Could Home Baking be the Secret to a Happy New Home?

September 2014

The Great British Bake Off is back with a hefty mix of dough, desserts and drama that’s got us hooked, inspired and thinking … could home baking be the secret to a happy new home?

A bold question, yes – but let us count the ways it might be possible. Cake Small Banner

  1. 1.       Finding the Family Recipe

Whether you’re baking bread, making flapjacks or creating fairy cakes, there’s a lot involved. With bits to mix, blend, stir and stuff, home baking makes for the ideal family-friendly event.

Gather your brood in the kitchen and get creative with your bake. Focus on fun, rather than perfection, remember, it’s the making of memories that matters most.

There’ll be sugar covered faces, spoons waiting to be licked and should you strike gold with a home bake that looks and tastes delicious – you’ve got a family recipe that you can pass down for years to come.

  1. 2.       Know Thy Neighbour

A new home means new neighbours and what better way to introduce yourself than with a slice of your finest home baked goods to break the ice?

Not only does a plate of something sweet or savoury give you a reason to knock (we know, it can be a little nerve wracking!) but it also gives you something to say, whether it’s sharing tips or swapping recipes.

Invite a neighbour you really hit it off with round to enjoy a cup of tea – it could just be the start of a great, long-lasting friendship.

  1. 3.       Keeping it Local

As the months pass, fruits come in and out of season. September’s last glimmers of sunshine make for succulent plums, pears, blackberries, figs and apples that are perfect for picking.

Want to work up a taste-tingling recipe that features the most delectable fare of the month? Head along to your local grocers or farmers markets for produce that’s as fresh as it gets.

Not only is it a great way to get to know your local producers and support your local community – it means that you get the pick of the bunch. The end result? A home baked treat that’s just brimming with British grown goodness.

Feeling convinced?

With National Baking Week headed our way, 13 – 19 October, perhaps you’ll gather your lot into your kitchen for some bonding, baking and scoffing?

We certainly do hope so – and would love for you to share pics of your baked treats with us on Twitter @StoryHomes.