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Filming with Builder Bear

Each of our households are gifted with a Builder Bear when they move into their new home. He has many important jobs: entertaining the children, helping families feel at home and most importantly, helping Santa to deliver his Christmas presents to our Story Homes.

“A lot of people wonder how Santa gets in to new build houses to deliver the presents”, he said. “That’s one of our most important jobs, so we have to stay alert on Christmas Eve to make sure we can help him in.”

Cuddly, agile and innovative, Builder Bear uses his quick thinking to ensure Santa gets in and out of the house without being spotted by the children.

“When our little boy woke up it was panic stations – we can’t let Santa be seen! Even though Santa was distracted by the mince pies we managed to hide him away – phew!”

Make sure your Builder Bear has a good spot looking out of the window on Christmas Eve so he can keep his eyes peeled for Santa’s arrival. Post your pictures to our Facebook page or to Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #ChristmasStory.

Watch the video here

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