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Growing family purchase new home in Dearham

May 2014

Hayley and Mark Picture 1With two young children, Hayley Bishop and Mark Wood were looking for more space for their family to grow.

The couple have now used the NewBuy scheme to help them purchase their new house, giving them the financial security to add a conservatory to be used as a play room.

Hayley, 31, and Mark, 34, heard that work had started on Story Homes St. Mungo’s Close development in Dearham, Cumbria, the village where they owned their previous house. After popping down for a chat with the sales adviser, they picked an ‘Elder’ house type, a three bedroom semi-detached property. They then started to look into the Government incentive scheme NewBuy.

Hayley said: “We only had a two bedroom property in Dearham and with two children, we were looking for some extra space, including a third bedroom and more living accommodation. We already had a first time buyer for our property so we were ready and able to move and when we saw the perfect house and heard about how NewBuy could help us we decided to go for it.”

By using NewBuy, Hayley, a civil servant, and Mark, a mechanical designer, were able to put down a smaller deposit and still be able to afford to add a conservatory to the property. The conservatory will create an ideal play area for their daughter Georgia, 5, and son Alex, 3, and give them the extra space they were looking for.

Hayley added: “Without NewBuy we would not have been able to add on the conservatory for many more years. Buying a new build house is great too as it means we don’t have to do any work on the house or replace anything for a long time, and hopefully our utility bills will be cheaper too.”

The family are now looking forward to moving into their new home in Dearham in November and making the most of the extra space they have gained thanks to NewBuy.