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Major Lloyds Bank report shows positive future for housebuilding sector despite short term challenges

September 2015


Steve Errington, CEO

A comprehensive report of the housebuilding sector by Lloyds Bank has found that the housebuilding industry is optimistic about their ability to play a role in alleviating the housing shortage, as reflected by the strong performance by Story Homes over the past two years.

The Building for Growth report, delivers a positive assessment of the house building sector, suggesting that the strong economy and strong housing market will continue to produce growth across all levels.

However, the report says that this opportunity is tempered by a lack of skilled candidates to fill new jobs, a constraint to growth that must be addressed before the industry can achieve its objectives.

Story Homes’ CEO, Steve Errington, contributed to the report, providing an in-depth case study of the measures Story Homes has adopted to deliver well designed and built homes, in desirable locations, for discerning customers.

Additionally, Steve outlined the steps being taken to ensure the company has the best, highly-skilled workforce to meet the ambitious targets for new homes in 2015 and 2016.

Developing the theme he spoke about in a video accompanying the release of the report, Steve said: “We realise there is a national shortage of skilled tradesmen and Story Homes has taken the lead in making sure we develop the talent that will be needed to build the homes our customers want.

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Story Homes 2015 graduates Stacey and Jack

“We have introduced a graduate scheme to attract top talent into the operational areas of the business; we are also launching a huge apprenticeship programme designed to give dozens of young people the opportunity to learn and to develop in a hands-on environment.

“We’re confident that the combination of excellent homes, satisfied customers and the best employees in the business will continue to fuel the enormous growth we have enjoyed over the past two years.”

Story Homes is one of the fastest growing house building companies in country, and is currently delivering high-quality homes across 18 active development sites in Cumbria, the North West, the North East and Scotland.

To read the full report click on this link: Lloyds Bank Housing Industry Report

To watch the video featuring Story Homes CEO Steve Errington, click here.