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Oaklands Drive, Upperby

November 2017

We are aware of the flooding which has affected some of the residents of Oaklands Drive in Upperby on Wednesday 22nd November 2017. This is an extremely unfortunate event for all those affected and we are working closely with the local authority and residents to alleviate the current situation.

The historic land drain in farm land close to Oaklands Drive was unable to cope with the high levels of rainfall and subsequently overflowed.

Whilst Story Homes does not own the land, as a good neighbour it is important to us that we continue to support those who have been affected using the equipment we have access to. We are also looking at how we can increase water storage in the interim to minimise the levels of water where possible. The haul road which leads to our development and sits on this land is being kept out of use during this time.

It has been identified that this is an on-going issue which the council are aware of, dating back to 2005. Further investigative works are taking place to determine why this happened, and Story Homes will be working in conjunction with Cumbria County Council to ensure that appropriate precautions are in place for the future to prevent flooding on Oaklands Drive.