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Proud to be part of Business in the Community ‘Responsible Business Week’ 2014

March 2014

Story Homes is proud to be part of Business in the Community’s (BITC) ‘Responsible Business Week 2014.

Responsible Business Week aims to inspire businesses and to do more to meet the world’s most pressing challenges. Story Homes has been working with communities and other businesses for many years to create sustainable opportunities in four key areas of development:

  • Community – Building and supporting strong neighbourhoods; past, present and future
  • Environment, Health & Safety – Protecting the long term sustainability of our surroundings in a safe manner
  • Marketplace – Working together with the supply chain to improve opportunities in a growing, competitive industry
  • Workplace – Developing the continuous wellbeing and skills of our current and future colleaguesProud to be part of Business in the Community ‘Responsible Business Week’ 2014

Steve Errington, Chief Executive of Story Homes said: “Responsible Business Week is a great way for us and other organisations to showcase the excellent things we do for the community, environment, marketplace and workforce. It is also an opportunity for us to involve our customers, our colleagues and our partners and together we can all consider what more we could be doing as individuals and as businesses to improve on our success and continue to create sustainable communities which are fit for the future.”

BITC is a business-led charity working with organisations to make a positive difference through their activities. Story Homes is a member of BITC and have been working together to bring a strategic approach to Story Homes community activities.

Throughout Responsible Business Week, we will be using Twitter to showcase some of our biggest successes over the past year. To read more about Story Homes approach to Corporate Social Responsibility click here.