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Six steps to stress free house moving from Story Homes

June 2014

You’ve accepted an offer on your home, ‘For Sale’ now reads ‘Sold’ and you’re waiting – excitedly – to move into your new Story Home.Stress free

With the move-in date looming, you’re more likely to be thinking about home styling than sorting through what can sometimes feel like an endless checklist of things to do and organise.

So, we’ve put together a set of six handy reminders to help get you off the starting blocks and making sure your home move is less, ‘arghh’ and more ‘ahhh.’

1.   Hire in the professionals

The most hassle free option of all is the hire of a professional removals company. We’ve teamed up with go-to pro’s House to Home who have over ten years’ experience in delivering buyers to their new homes. Selected Story Homes purchases come with their services free of charge – but if you’re on the hunt for a professional removals company, make sure they’re registered with British Association of Removers and get at least three quotes before deciding on the option that’s right for you.

Of course the professional approach isn’t for everyone. If you much prefer the DIY route, be sure to consider the following:

2.   Prep before you start to pack

Before packing, take stock of your belongings as if you’re about to be unpacking them in your new home – if it’s not beautiful, useful or part of a treasured memory then find a friend or a charity shop that’ll love and adore it.

Once rid of your unwanted and unused bits – plan a system where you can pack by room. Start upstairs, with your least used room first.

Organise your belongings into study boxes, being sure to pack your heavy or fragile items on their own. Label-up everything super-clearly so that you know what needs to go where when it comes to unpacking in your new home.

3.   Think like an informant

There’ll be a whole host of people that’ll need to know about your change of address (and of course, your lovely new home!) Think about services and utilities including water, gas, electricity, TV licensing, phone and internet service providers. Health services; doctors, opticians and dentists will all also need to be in-the-know, as will finance specialists including banks, building societies, insurance companies, pension companies and council tax departments.

4.   Pay up before you’ve packed up

Local deliveries and services will need to know about the big move so that they know the date for your last deliveries. Milk and newspaper deliveries, window cleaning and any other services will need to be paid before you’re packed up and ready to leave – as will any tabs you might have with local shops or neighbourhood friends.

5.   Recruit help

Think about friends and family that might be able to help make moving day easier and more memorable. People will be able to support in all kinds of ways – from help with lifting and unpacking, keeping the fresh brews flowing or child minding or pet sitting. Many hands make light work, so ask your nearest and dearest for help with the move as soon as you can.

6.   Remember the moving in day essentials

While packing – create a ‘moving in’ box to keep all of the essentials that’ll get you through the big day. Think practical; kettle, cups, tea bags, plates and utensils, light bulbs, loo-roll, tooth-brushes, first aid kit, torch and bin liners. Also, remember the little things – a docking station and leads if you’ll be needing your music and games to keep the kiddies occupied. Last but by no means least, Champagne. You’ll deserve it and there’s no better way to celebrate Story Home living, than with a glass of something bubbly.

And there you have it, six pointers for hassle free house moving to help make the first chapter of your new Story Home a happy one.