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Story Homes takes part in Dream Placement scheme

This month young people from across Cumbria will spend their half term learning about leadership and careers with the county’s top businesses and organisations as part of the 2018 Dream Placement scheme. Story Homes is one of more than 25 companies and organisations supporting the initiative, hosting week-long placements this February for two students – Amelia Harrison  from Nelson Thomlinson School and Daniel Dalton from Trinity School.

Now in its fifth year, the aim of the Dream Placement mission is to attract and retain talent, highlight how local businesses operate and show young people the breadth of fantastic opportunities for them in the county. The initiative brings together the brightest and boldest young students of Cumbria with some of the most forward-looking and successful businesses in the county.

Almost 200 teenagers originally applied for the 2018 Dream Placements and 90 progressed through to interviews and assessment, before the final candidates were selected. To see the young people being put through their paces at the selection day, take a look at this video.

Now, almost 50 successful candidates are making the final preparations their Dream Placements with Cumbria’s most forward-looking companies, where they will have the opportunity to learn about leadership from their top management teams.

Sarah Glass from the Centre for Leadership Performance explains: “This uniquely successful initiative depends on the enthusiasm from the forward-looking companies which commit to take part and the passion from the ambitious young people competing for places. The competition is designed to give young people an insight into the potential for exciting careers offered by companies here in Cumbria, and fuel their ambitions to be the leaders of tomorrow.”

From Monday 12 to Friday 16 February, the two teenagers will spend their half term learning about our company and getting an insight into how we operate by working alongside leaders from different areas of the business. The mission for the week is to assess two pieces of land for development. They will spend time with each department to understand more about their roles and responsibilities, and at the end of the week they will present to their new colleagues outlining which piece of land should be progressed for a Story Homes development and explaining their reasoning.

The wider Story family recognises and values our ability to contribute to the development of opportunities within the region, and as such, Story Contracting will also be taking part in this year’s Dream Placement scheme.

Fran Stott, Group HR & OD Director at Story Homes, said: “Story Homes is delighted to be involved in the 2018 Dream Placement initiative for the fourth year running. Both Amelia and Daniel are amazingly talented students who are looking forward to the opportunity to help build their confidence in communications, work-place skills and gain experience within a variety of departments. We’re really excited to share this year’s mission with the students and see hear all about their experience.”

To learn more about Dream Placement 2018 visit www.cforlp.org.uk.


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