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Clifton pupils build knowledge on their local area project

Clifton pupils build knowledge on their local area project Local school children have been learning about house building as part of their current school project.

The class 2 pupils at Clifton Primary School visited Story Homes’ Clifton Hill Gardens site as part of their ‘Investigating Our Local Area’ project.

As well as learning about building materials, safety on site and the finishing touches of a new home, the class considered how the local area is changing and the impact of new houses on the area.

The 18 pupils aged six to eight spent time with Story Homes Site Manager Adam Osliff learning about the 48 house development in the village. Story Homes mascot Builder Bear also made a special appearance to entertain the children and teach them about site safety.

Class 2 teacher Elaine Gilpin said that all of the children enjoyed the visit, particularly learning about the materials used.

Elaine commented: “They wanted to know lots of things about the development. From how many houses there are, how many were sold, how many diggers and machines are on site and which was the biggest house type.

“As well as learning about the materials, they could see how and when they were used through the house building process. Some of the children even managed to link the measurement of materials back to our maths lessons!”

Since visiting the site, the children have spent time discussing house building and the impact of new houses on the village, relating to geography, as well as sharing their own thoughts on the development. Some of the comments included:

“Class 2 met the site manager, Adam, he was very kind and told us a lot about the building site.” (Gemma, aged 8)

“We saw the houses being built, it was an amazing view.” (Louis, aged 8)

“[The show home] was all decorated, it looked like someone lived in it.  I loved being there.” (Faith, aged 8)

“We got to wear hard hats to keep us safe (because a drill might hit you).” (Lexie, aged 6)

“It was a very, very, very good day!” (Jack, aged 8)

“I want the houses to be built because I could make more friends.” (Harley, aged 7)

Clifton Hill Gardens is a 48 house development in Clifton Village, Penrith. The range of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom detached, semi detached and bungalow house types have sold quickly, with just 11 remaining. Work started on site in June 2012 and is due to be completed by April 2014.

For more information about the development at Clifton Hill Gardens visit our development pages.

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