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Update on ‘Strawberry Grange’ in Cockermouth

We are delighted with the progress on our development in Cockermouth, known as Strawberry Grange. In the last few weeks our first residents have moved into their new homes and our ‘Salisbury’ show home is has opened to the public.

The newly opened Salisbury show home is an impressive four bedroom detached home with integral garage offering nearly 1800sq ft of living space and showcases our prestige specification. To take a look at the interiors and find our more about the specification read on here.

Tom Rudd Beck runs through the site and as part of the development we are undertaking works to improve and conserve the habitat and wildlife within this ‘blue corridor’ both during construction and also in the long term.

We take looking after the environment very seriously and we have many technical environmental management and improvement measures in place to manage our impact on the local environment during construction.

As part of the initial groundworks, additional measures to protect the environment are being implemented as the site is ecologically sensitive. One issue that is being closely monitored is the water runoff from the site.

Once the grass and ground cover is removed runoff water generally contains higher levels or silt or sediment. This wcompressed-story-homes-cockermouth-4a3a2017-1236ater must not be allowed to flow directly or indirectly into streams or groundwater without treatment.

In order to prevent silt flowing into the beck we have created a silt defence ditch (essentially a long sieve) along the length of the site and a (sustainable urban draining) settlement pond. Sustainable drainage is the practice of controlling surface water runoff by slowing flows, allowing adequate settlement and biological action to take place before water is discharged.

We will also be restoring a broken culvert to its original capacity and improve the existing outfall pipes by the Coast to Coast path. This will stop water overflowing onto the path which currently occurs as the culvert is broken.

There are now eighteen properties sold in the first phase with many more early birded by customers ready for when they are released for sale. If you are interested in finding out more about Strawberry Grange, please take a  look at the development page.

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