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An opportunity not to be missed at Summerpark

December 2014

A Dumfries worker has been recruited as a full-time member of Story Homes team after working for seven years on the company’s Summerpark Development as a contractor.

Sean Kelly, 45, from Dumfries, worked as a plumber on the first plot of the housing development in 2006.

And when the opportunity arose to join the Story Homes team as a permanent member of staff he jumped at the opportunity.

Seansaid: “Working on the development over the years has been a brilliant experience. I have worked closely with the company so I knew that I would like to work for Story Homes directly.

“They always looked as though they would be a great employer so I jumped at the chance to take on the role as Assistant Site Manager.”

Sean has settled into the role straight away working under the guidance of Site Manager, Barry Mattinson.

Sean continued: “I have been thoroughly enjoying the role so far and Barry has been great. I have been involved in the management side of things for a while but now I have the opportunity to put the skills I have learnt to the test on a much bigger scale.

“Now that I am part of the Story Homes team I can see just why it had always appealed to me. The ambition to achieve, right the way through the company, is obvious. I think this is something that motivates everybody on the Summerpark Development.

“Working here for the last seven years has definitely helped the transition. I am already accustomed to the ‘Story Homes way’ of doing things and meeting the high standards that come with it.”

Barry Mattinson said: “The Story Homes team are delighted to welcome Sean on board and are fully confident that he will have great success in his new role at Summerpark, Dumfries.”

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