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Couple expecting their first child find their perfect family home

April 2021

An engaged couple have secured their first family home together at our development Summerpark in Dumfries.

Cassiday Burgess and her partner Kyle are expecting their first child and found the perfect home to settle into before their new baby girl arrives. Cassiday explains:

“Last year we decided it was time to move into a bigger home so that we could start our family, at the time we were renting a one bedroom flat so it’s safe to say that we we’re extremely excited about moving into our new home!

“I’ve always fancied buying a new home over an older house and Summerpark is located in my favourite part of Dumfries, plus it’s right next to where most of my family live, which was another bonus.”

The couple opted for the Fenton, a 3-bedroom home, which they moved into at the end of March. When discussing why this home was the right choice for them, Cassiday said:

“The Fenton was the perfect size for us and it was exactly in our price range. We needed three bedrooms and having a WC downstairs as well as the bathroom upstairs was exactly what we wanted; the whole layout is just perfect, I couldn’t have picked a better home if I tried.”

As a lover of spending time in the kitchen, this space was important to Cassiday. She said:

“The kitchen is really big and the French doors open out onto the back garden, so I can bake on warmer days with the doors open, and there’s plenty of room for everything I need – it’s definitely my favourite room in the house.”

Cassiday added: “Another part of the home that I’ve fallen in love with is the family bathroom, it’s beautiful. I’ve always wanted a bath; I was brought up in a house with three showers, so I was ecstatic to find out that we would have a lovely bath, especially while I’m pregnant, it will be nice and relaxing for me in the evenings.”

Summarising her buying experience, Cassiday said:

“I would 100% recommend a new build home from Story Homes to all of my friends and family. The process has been amazing, all the Sales and Site teams have been wonderful.

“We got so much reassurance on how the house was coming along while it was being built and we couldn’t fault a thing. Fiona, our Sales Executive, has been amazing. She cares about her work so much and she’s so good with customers.”

Hayley Blair, Sales Director for Cumbria and Scotland said: “We are so happy to hear that Cassiday and Kyle have found their perfect home. A new build home is ideal for couples like Cassiday and Kyle who are expecting their first child and want a low maintenance home with no need for renovations. We’re thrilled to have helped the couple find their perfect family property and we wish them every happiness in their new home.”

You can find out more about Summerpark here.