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Investment in technology drives business forward

May 2015

Story Homes has invested £1.25m in technology across its offices to aid the company’s expansion plans and to help fuel productivity.

The new Carlisle headquarters, which were opened by Chancellor George Osborne in April, have been fitted-out with a host of technologies by IT provider Abtec Network Systems, including advanced audio and video conferencing, and interactive white boards. The technology has also been deployed in the company’s Newcastle office and can even be used on construction sites, allowing all employees to work more effectively. Already the technology has brought benefits to the company in terms of time, cost and productivity.

Ian Storey, Technical Director for Story Homes, said: “Introducing new systems across the company has made it much easier for us to work collaboratively. As a regional home builder we’ve got colleagues in a number of different locations across the North of England and South Scotland.

“By looking carefully at the needs of the business both now and in the future, we have been able to put in place the appropriate technology. This has meant that we have new solutions to help us meet some potentially problematic deadlines. In the process, we benefit from cutting travel costs across our offices.”

Audio and video conferencing technology allows several remote parties to meet in a ‘virtual’ meeting room. Attendees’ ideas can easily be documented and shared with the interactive white boards. All of this helps Story Homes manage its projects more efficiently.

Story Homes and Abtec Support staff put technology to good use.

Story Homes and Abtec Network Systems staff put technology to good use.

Phil Kennerdell, Abtec’s Sales Director said: “This technology makes it easier for Story Homes to expand its operations. Employees will be able to work together better, regardless of where they are, without increasing the company’s CO2 emissions.”

Dedicated ‘champions’ have been identified and trained across Story Homes to share their knowledge with colleagues.

George Thomson, Story Homes Project Systems Manager said: “The investment in this technology is a key part of the Story Homes’ growth story. With more houses being built, more staff recruited and more sites across a wider operating area, the technology can help us to tackle many of the challenges that we, and other regional businesses, face.

“Because of the recent growth of the business, our employees are more widely dispersed, from Biggar in Scotland to Kirkham in North West England, and this technology enables us to work efficiently together.

“We’ve trained a number of colleagues who have shown aptitude for the technology and they have now shared their knowledge with their colleagues. This has proven to be the most effective way of training and understanding the benefits.”

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