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Local communities consulted about plans for two new developments in North Carlisle

July 2014

Hadrians Camp

Hadrian’s Camp

Local residents in the north of Carlisle are able to have their say about two new proposed housing developments. Communities in Houghton and Greymoorhill have been given information about future plans to develop land for new homes close by.

The site at Greymoorhill in Kingstown, Carlisle is expected to be put forward in the City’s local plan as a preferred location for housing to meet projected housing need. The land, accessed via Kingstown Road, could accommodate circa 200 new homes.  Story Homes intends to submit an outline planning application for the land with access details to obtain permission in principle before seeking detailed planning, known as Reserved Matters, at a later date.

Building on this land would offer up to 30% of the properties as affordable homes, improved pedestrian access and would also sensitively create a new landscaped approach to the city.  It would strengthen the existing and future economic potential of the area and offer proportionate proposals to accommodate the increase in demand for new education places.

The proposed land at Houghton already has the benefit of outline planning permission and Story Homes will apply for Reserved Matters for the Hadrian’s Camp site. The brown field land, accessed via Houghton Road, is the site of a former Army camp which closed in 1969 and is currently redundant with extensive building slab remains, hard standings and overgrowth.

Story Homes is applying to develop approximately 110 homes here, seeking an attractive mix of house types, new open space with links to the adjacent residential area, all sensitively designed and constructed to retain the character of the village.  Story Homes will honour existing ecological mitigation and education infrastructure proposals as well as provide up to 25% affordable housing in accordance with policy.



Adam McNally, Development Planner for Story Homes said: “Story Homes is seeking to continue its successful presence in the Carlisle area as part of our wider business growth, and we do so with a clear focus on retaining quality and providing aspirational homes to meet needs with appropriate supporting infrastructure.

“We are giving the communities at Greymoorhill and Houghton the opportunity to help us positively shape our proposals from the outset, with the aim of achieving the best possible design and solutions for all interests. Both developments will bring great benefits to these communities and the wider area and by working together we can realise these and build them into our plans.”

The Greymoorhill and Houghton developments will go part of the way to meeting Carlisle City Council’s need for 650 new homes per year, with 70% of those targeted to be within the Carlisle area.  The economy will also be boosted through the creation of hundreds of jobs over the life of the developments, both directly and indirectly through subcontractors and the supply chain.

For more information, or to register your interest in these sites, please visit the Land & Planning pages.