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Pupils piece together the trade roles at Summerpark

November 2013

Dalbeattie School - November 2013 (3) - CopyPupils from a local school visited Summerpark to learn about the various trade roles involved in house building.

Eight pupils from Dalbeattie High School visited the site in Dumfries to learn more about the career paths they could choose after school. From bricklayer and electrician to plumber and plasterer, each trade plays a vital role in building a plot.

The pupils were keen to learn more about what each trade does, helping them to decide if each one could be a possible career choice.

Dalbeattie School Visit - Nov 2013 (1)Health and Safety manager Sean Trodden led the group on a site visit, taking them to houses at various build stages, identifying the different times when a trade would be required to progress the house to completion. Sean also went through some of the materials used by each trade, including bricks, wood, plaster board, insulation, pipe and cable.

Angela Chester, Learning Support Teacher at Dalbeattie High School said: “Visiting Story Homes development in Dumfries has been an opportunity for the pupils to think about their future careers beyond school. The visit is one of a series of visits we have done, taking the pupils out into the workplace. This gets them thinking about the skills they need and the things they might need to do in each different job.”

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