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Interior Designers reveal process behind new show home

June 2023

We recently opened the doors to our brand-new show home at Brigsteer Rise in Kendal. The 5-bedroom Cranford is, in our opinion, one of our most impressive show homes yet and has already received lots of attention with customers asking about the elegant design, schemes and furniture.

Our Interior Designers, Show Business Interiors, have shared with us some of the inspiration and thought process behind this beautiful home. Read on for more information…

The exterior of The Cranford show home at Brigsteer Rise, Kendal - Story Homes

Bringing the Outdoors In: Nature’s Embrace

Drawing inspiration from the magnificent surroundings of Kendal, the interior design of the show home charmingly reflects the location’s beauty. Natural colours reminiscent of Kendal limestone, along with quality textures and soft blue tones, were carefully chosen in direct response to the local landmarks and environment. Meanwhile, the delicate placement of eucalyptus, bunny tails, and greenery was thoughtfully integrated, infusing the space with a fresh and organic atmosphere. This trend of incorporating organic elements resonates with the desire to create a harmonious connection between the interior and the natural world. By seamlessly blending the outdoor and indoor environments, the show home exudes a sense of vitality and tranquillity.

Blending Classic and Contemporary: A Timeless Fusion

The design philosophy behind the show home seamlessly combines classic and contemporary elements, resulting in a captivating fusion that stands the test of time. Each step reveals a tapestry of textures, patterns, and modern accents that awaken the senses. By integrating contemporary patterns and textures into upholstery and throw pillows, the space is given a vibrant energy that breathes new life into timeless design elements. This trend of marrying classic aesthetics with modern sensibilities creates a captivating and versatile design that appeals to the discerning homeowner.

Dining Elegance: Where Sophistication Meets Modern Panache

Step into the dining area, where sophistication intertwines with modern panache, leaving a lasting impression. The carefully curated ensemble of dining chairs takes centre stage, striking the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Geometric patterns on the upholstery add a contemporary twist, reflecting the trend of incorporating dynamic shapes and patterns into interior spaces. This meticulously crafted dining experience captures the essence of fusing elegance with contemporary allure, creating an atmosphere that sparks meaningful conversations and fosters unforgettable moments.

The dining area in The Cranford show home at Brigsteer Rise, Kendal - Story Homes

Elevated Comfort: The Living Room Oasis

The living room serves as a sanctuary of comfort and style, reimagining the charm of country living in a contemporary way. Textured and plush cushions invite you to unwind and relax, enveloping you in a cosy embrace. A thoughtfully designed media wall, adorned with carefully placed candles and illuminated shelves, creates a serene ambience that naturally encourages rejuvenation. The use of suede and textured upholstery adds depth and tactility to the design while chandeliers and artistic vases elevate the aesthetic further, infusing the space with glamour and artistic refinement.

Walls as Masterpieces

The show home’s walls become canvases for artistic expression. Textured arch wallpapers and mirrors add depth and visual interest, capturing the natural movements and serenity of the surrounding landscapes. These artistic elements serve as focal points, adding drama and personality to each space. Luxurious artwork with an expressionist flair adorns the walls, infusing the show home with creativity and visual intrigue. The trend of incorporating textured walls and impactful artwork celebrates the fusion of sophistication and artistic brilliance, turning every wall into a masterpiece.

Creating Spaces of Distinction: A Showcase of Versatility and Creativity

Beyond the overarching design aesthetic, each room within the show home possesses its own unique character and charm. The modern girls’ room exudes playful and aspirational fashion-inspired interiors, while the Peter Rabbit room pays homage to the beloved author. These distinct spaces alone showcase the versatility and creativity embedded within the design choices. The trend of creating bespoke and memorable spaces that reflect individuality and personal expression is celebrated, leaving an indelible mark on every visitor.

Want to come and take a look for yourself?

Head to our Brigsteer Rise development page to book your viewing, or visit our Cranford house type page for more information and inspiration on this beautiful 5-bedroom home.

Bedroom in The Cranford show home at Brigsteer Rise, Kendal - Story Homes