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Customer spotlight: The Lawson

September 2022

We’re shining a spotlight on our customers, Paige Gibson, cabin crew, and Liam Crowe, chartered accountant, who have moved into their new home, The Lawson, at St John’s Manor in Callerton, Newcastle with their bunny rabbit, Bueno.

Read our Q&A with Paige to find out why they chose The Lawson and what they love most about this beautiful 4-bedroom home.

Customers Paige and Liam in their Lawson

Why choose The Lawson?

“We were initially drawn to The Hewson, had visited the show home a few times and were discussing plots for The Hewson with our Sales Executive, Amber. But, we changed our minds when we popped into St Martin’s Green in Kirklevington and went for a look around The Lawson show home there.

“As soon as we stepped inside, we knew it had to be ours. The feeling of walking in just felt like home. The entrance and the curved staircase felt like total luxury, and we’d always talked about a kitchen island and bi-fold doors being features of our ‘dream house’.

“Liam used to be a part-time chef while studying at university, and although he wasn’t a fan of the Saturday night shifts, he still has a huge passion for cooking. We could just imagine the big family Christmas gatherings we’d host in there, with more than enough entertaining space and no need for people to be in other rooms – or risking spilling red wine on cream carpets!”

What’s your favourite space in The Lawson?

“Our favourite room is definitely the back of the house. The kitchen is so spacious. We love the versatility of having a breakfast bar, dining space and also room for a seating area. We also have a TV in there so it’s lovely to come down in the morning and have a cup of tea while breakfast is on the go.

“Another massive factor was the storage space and potential for wardrobes. I absolutely love the storage cupboards throughout the house where I can put unsightly vacuums, ironing boards and whatever else I can cram in. The dressing area in the main bedroom just amazes me every day, there’s so much room but it doesn’t take up actual bedroom space so literally feels like our own hotel room at times!”

Here’s a look inside Paige and Liam’s beautiful home…

Why did you choose a new build over a second-hand property?

“We didn’t even consider an old property, purely because we’re not very handy with DIY and a lot of older properties need work done to update and personalise them.”

Is your Story home energy efficient?

“Our house is very energy efficient. There has been a few colder nights and we’ve been surprised at how quickly the house heats up if the heating is needed, especially because the home has big open spaces.”

Why choose Story Homes?

“We did look at other new build developers but there was always something I wanted to change or extend. I can honestly say that with The Lawson there isn’t one thing I would change about this beautiful and well-thought-out property.

“Story homes are the most traditional looking new builds in this area too and definitely stand out from the other estates which either all look the same or try and stand out too much and then aren’t nice looking houses.

“We did visit about four developers and what I did notice was that because we weren’t in a position to proceed straight away their sales staff didn’t really give us the time of day. This was very different with Amber, our Sales Executive at Story Homes. She really took the time to get to know us and what we wanted from our home even though we weren’t in a position to exchange contracts immediately and this really stood out to me. She has been amazing ever since that first appointment, with regular updates and going the extra mile if any questions cropped up. The Site Managers, Michael and Ethan, have been so helpful too and we’ll genuinely miss all three of them when the development is completed.”

Sales Executive Amber with our customers at St John's Manor

Why did you choose St John’s Manor?

“Being cabin crew, St John’s Manor is a only a 6-minute drive from Newcastle airport which is perfect for early starts and late night finishes. It’s also only 10-15 minutes away from the city centre which is ideal when Liam is in the office.

“We love the greenery around the area and the local country walks that make it feel rural with the benefit of being on the outskirts of the city centre. We’re both also very family orientated and would love a family of our own one day, so having good schools in the area was important when picking the location.”

Would you recommend Story Homes?

“We would 100% recommend Story Homes over and over again. We get tonnes of compliments on our home and even comments about it “not being the average new build” which is always nice to hear. I think new builds sometimes get a bad reputation and are known for small bedrooms and small gardens which is definitely not the case with our Lawson or with Story Homes in general.”

Looking for more inspiration?

Read our guide on The Lawson here, or explore our range of beautiful homes at St John’s Manor, here.