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Tech in the home – top 10 apps to live by

Imagine a home where you never run out of milk because the fridge has noticed you’re getting low and placed an order for you.

Or a bathroom that can draw your bath at your ideal temperature so it’s ready when you get up in the morning. Sounds like a dream? Not in today’s internet-enabled homes.

At Story Homes, we’ve long appreciated how important it is for modern families to have a good broadband connection.

All our homes are built for connectivity, and we’re proud to say our Crindledyke Farm development actually has the best broadband speeds in the country.

So for people enjoying living in their dream Story Home, we’ve taken a peek at some of the amazing apps and internet aids that are available to make everyday life that little bit easier.

The fridge we mentioned genuinely exists – and that bathroom app can turn the shower on ready for you as well as fill a tub.

But if you’re looking round for more everyday apps to make life easier, you might like to get your family sharing the chores via the household duties organisation apps Chorma or Divvy – they give gentle reminders!

If energy-saving is your aim, there are also systems with apps that let you control your heating remotely – these include Climote, Hive and Tado. It’s a good way to save money and be green – if you’re going to be late home, you can just delay your heating coming on.

And if you’re planning some decorating, you can make good choices with the help of the ColorChange iPhone app – you take a picture of your room, then you change the colours using the Magic tool.

Not quite sure what colour you’re after and need a little inspiration? The Houzz app provides all of the information you need when it comes to your next home decoration project.

Other apps we like include Netmums Chat – share your parenting experiences – and BBC Good Food (recipes, tips and tools).

We also like the sound of Relax Melodies, soothing tunes to help you stay calm. So you can sit back, tune in and chill out in your beautiful, well-connected Story Home. Sounds like heaven …

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