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Time to Spring into the Garden!

As soon as the crocuses and daffies pop their heads up we can feel spring stirring – and that means it’s time to get going in the garden if we want to have a gorgeous, blossoming summer!

So here are some essential jobs to make a great start – and some things to leave until later …


Tidy up. Now’s the time to get rid of any winter debris and make sure all’s in order for the spring growth spurt.

Give the weeds a hard time. If you catch them now, it’s easier to keep them down later.

Plant primulas and pansies for early colour, but try to keep them in sheltered spots.

Pop some supports into your borders for taller plants that will soon be shooting up.

Protect blossom on fruit trees against late frosts and high winds.


Be tempted to plant out summer bedding until the risk of frost is over.

Cut your grass too short – if you give it a first trim, keep the mower blades high.

Sow seeds outside while the soil is cold. Warmer soil will give them a better start in life.

With your garden primed to look lovely all through the year it’s time to head into the home to cook up something green, hearty, and delicious.

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