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Next steps after reserving your new home

Once you’ve reserved your dream plot, there are a few things you will need to do to get your house in order.

A brief overview of the next steps are listed below. Read on to find out what happens next after you’ve reserved your new home.

  • Appoint a conveyancer
  • Arrange your finances
  • Consider home insurance

Step 1: Appointing a conveyancer

Within 48 hours of your reservation, you will need to appoint a conveyancer to manage the purchase of your new home and act within your interests. Whilst it is your responsibility to appoint a conveyancer, if you would like a recommendation then one of our Sales Executives will be more than happy to provide you with a panel of financial advisors. 

Once you have appointed a conveyancer, you will receive a breakdown of the costs for their services, and you will be asked to make a payment on account to cover the cost of necessary conveyancing searches.

You should make this payment promptly to enable the legal process to continue. 

Customer on the phone in Story Homes show home, The Hewson at Tithe Gardens

What we will do on our end

Once you have appointed your conveyancer, our solicitor will take the following steps:

  • Prepare and supply the contract documentation pack;

    This will be supplied to your conveyancer and will include the plot transfer deed and the plot deed plan. Please note that there is an engrossment fee for this service which will be added to your completion statement. For further information, please speak to your Sales Executive who can confirm the amount payable.

  • Produce the contract and plot transfer deed for the parties to sign;

    The cost of completing this will be added onto the statement of the monies due from you which will be supplied to your conveyancer prior to completion.

Sales Executive in Story Homes marketing suite at Tithe Gardens in Poulton-le-Fylde

Your conveyancer’s responsibilities

Buying a house is a significant financial commitment and your conveyancer is responsible for guiding you through the whole legal process surrounding it including your rights and obligations. Your conveyancer should report to you on the below:

– Legal title
– Conveyancing search results
– New build warranty
– Terms of the contract
– Transfer deed

If you have any queries on the above, please speak to your conveyancer.

Story Homes street scene at Edgehill Park in Whitehaven

Step 2: Arranging your finances when buying a new home

If you require a mortgage to purchase your new home, you should contact your mortgage lender or advisor and proceed with your mortgage application. This should be done within 48 hours of reserving. At this stage, you will be asked to provide a number of documents; this might include proof of identity, finance agreements and bank statements.

If you need recommendations for an independent new build mortgage specialist, please speak to your Sales Executive.

What do I need to do to buy a house without a mortgage?

If you will be using your own monies either as a deposit or to purchase the property outright, you will need to arrange for those funds to be accessible. If notice is required on any longer-term investments, please give that notice in good time.

Customers in a Story home show home, The Masterton at Strawberry Grange

Step 3: Consider home insurance

When to get home insurance when buying a home   

Home insurance falls under one of two categories:

  • Buildings Insurance;

    This covers your new home against damage. Mortgage lenders usually want to see that you have arranged buildings insurance from the date of legal completion, so it is important that you get this arranged as soon as possible.

  • Contents Insurance;

    This covers the content of your home against damage and theft. Mortgage lenders do not usually need you to have this, but it is very sensible for your own protection, and it is important to note that your new home warranty does not replace the need for insurance.

Please refer to your individual policy for cover details. We also suggest considering personal insurance in case your circumstances change.

Story Homes street scene at Edgehill Park in Whitehaven

In order to ensure everything progresses in a timely manner, it’s important to regularly communicate with your conveyancer and mortgage lender or advisor who can then provide updates to our solicitor.

What happens next in your customer journey with Story Homes?

Head to the next step in our Buying Guide to find out here.

Please note that whilst our Sales Executives will do whatever they can to assist you in the home buying process, they are not legally qualified and are not authorised to give advice on the legal issues or aspects arising from it.

Although Story Homes has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information contained on this page, we reserve the right to amend and update the information without prior notification. The information contained herein is for guidance only and its accuracy is not guaranteed. They do not constitute a contract, part of a contract or warranty.

All images are representative of a typical Story Homes interior/exterior and are for illustrative purposes only.