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Celebrating International Women’s Day

March 2021

The housebuilding industry can be perceived as male dominated, but with many career opportunities for men and women alike, this isn’t the case at Story Homes. There are a variety of roles in our business with the opportunity for growth and progression at all levels.

We caught up with Hayley Blair, Sales Director for Cumbria and Scotland, about her journey with the business. Hayley joined Story Homes in 2006 as a Trainee Sales Executive, and since then she has progressed to her current role as Sales Director, leading a team of over 20 people to ensure our Sales targets are met in the region.

Hayley said: “I’ve been at Story Homes for over 15 years and the progression opportunities have been amazing – I’ve been a Sales Executive, Part Exchange Manager, Sales Manager and a Head of Sales before my recent promotion.”

“What’s great about working for Story Homes is that you are valued and progression is encouraged. It’s inspiring to see members of my own team following the same path as me, as well as other successful females in our business who are making their mark.

“My career has never stopped progressing, it’s been challenging yet rewarding and the hard work really does pay off – I would encourage any women contemplating a career in the housebuilding industry to go for it. The opportunities are endless.”

Over a third of our workforce are women in a variety of roles – both on site and in our offices – working in different fields. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we caught up with some female figures at Story Homes to ask them what piece of advice they would give to other women looking to work in the construction industry. Here’s what they had to say:

Evonne Hitchen, Finance Director North West

“Go for it! Work hard – it takes time for employees to learn how to achieve the high standards and quality of homes the company requires. There should be no barriers to women working in the industry, no matter what area you work in. It’s about recruiting the right person and there really is a role for any woman at Story Homes and we welcome applications from women for all roles. Have a goal and strive towards it.”

Jade Hall, Design Manager Cumbria & Scotland

“Don’t hesitate! I have never had any negativity or resistance that has led me to regret my career path or career choices. Females add such a different perspective so generally really benefit a team environment. I have always felt fully supported by my peers in all the places that I have worked.”

Lauren Bates, Safety Health and Environmental Advisor North East

“I would thoroughly recommend a role in construction. There are more and more women coming into the industry all the time – there are opportunities in all areas not just as a trade but as project managers, engineers and H&S. So, if you’re looking for a role – be confident, bring experience and knowledge – just go for it!”

Amanda Stephenson, Land Manager North East

“Don’t be discouraged by the fact that the industry is predominantly male dominated especially in the more senior roles. If it’s something that is of interest to you then it really is a rewarding career.”

Emma Dolan, Quantity Surveyor North West

“Honestly, it’s hard work but worth it! I’ve found challenges but it’s often people who are set in their ways who have being doing things for years who are unwilling to accept a woman who is straight out of university! You’ve got to be confident in what you do and know that your opinion is worth something! It can be challenging sometimes – you’ve got to remember that you’ve worked for it just as much as everyone else has. It’s all about balance- but ultimately do it!”