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Extend your living space with outdoor furniture

May 2018

Make the most of your garden in the summer months, by bringing furnishings and accessories into your outside space. Whether you want to entertain family and friends on a grand scale or long to establish a quiet, comfy spot for reading and relaxing, the right choice of furnishings could transform your outdoors.

The good news is that garden furniture is now every bit as stylish and versatile as the furniture you choose for your home, which means you’ll be able to find pieces that perfectly complement your design aesthetic.

Decide on your preferred materials

You don’t have to go down just one route. It’s easy to mix and match materials – such as pairing natural wood with steel. One of the main considerations will probably be maintenance. If you want to go for hardwood, choose the best you can afford as it will give you many years’ longer service. Teak is a classic choice, full of natural oils and durable enough to stay outdoors in all weathers – great if you’re short on indoor storage space. Although rattan is attractive, the new generation of weatherproof poly-rattan furnishings will give you better service with zero maintenance.

Think about purpose

Take account of your garden’s layout and consider how you use your garden. Which parts get the most sun? Where is it most convenient to serve food? Is there a quiet area that would be perfect for relaxing? Be realistic about the amount of space you have available – you won’t fit a large table with six chairs in a tiny courtyard – so measure the area if necessary. Tailor your garden furniture choices to accommodate your favourite activities and make sure you include plenty of seating options – benches, chairs and loungers – to enjoy the sunniest spots and the best views.


Once you’ve decided on the type and style of furniture – from cosy bistro sets to family-sized dining and seating arrangements – consider other accessories to complete your look. A sun shade or parasol will be essential if you’re planning to spend time in your garden’s hot spots and should be versatile enough to adjust as the day progresses. For comfort – and elegance – seat pads, cushions and throws should come into the mix. Choose bold patterns and colours that complement your design theme. And if you’d like to carry on partying when the sun sets, a fire pit or chimenea might be a wise choice.