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Garden Designers Q&A

March 2024

We caught up with Gary from Warburton Landscapes who designed and landscaped the show home gardens at our Tithe Gardens development in Poulton-le-Fylde.

Our mini Q&A covers the design process, top tips on maintaining your garden, the best evergreen plants, how to maximise your outdoor space and more.

Street scene at Tithe Gardens in Poulton-le-Fylde

How do you decide on the design?

“I always think that the front of the development is like your shop window. You want to catch people’s eyes as they’re driving past so I chose elements that stand out, like the nice, big mature rockery. If you’re putting this much detail into the landscaping, people will be impressed and want to know what the inside of the homes are like. You’re selling more than just a house, you’re selling a concept, and the garden is almost like your fifth room.”

What’s best for maximising space in the garden?

“With small gardens you should think about vertical features, like trellis on fences and walls. If your garden is big enough, think about planting some trees to lift the eyes up, and adding lighting under trees can be really effective too.

“Planters and pots are easy additions and outdoor mirrors are great for maximising space and lengthening the garden.”

How do you maintain a garden?

1. Cut your grass regularly because otherwise coarse grass will take over. Equally, don’t cut it too short because that will cause moss and clover which you don’t want.

2. Always ensure the garden has plenty of water using sprinklers in the hotter months.

3. When plants and flowers have finished flowering, cut them back to encourage new growth.

4. Use shears to trim the topiary to get a nice sharp cut rather than using hedge cutters which risks turning the leaves brown.

What are the best plants for a shaded garden?

– Rhododendrons
– Ferns
– Hostas
– Ivy
– Pachysandra
– Hellebores
– Cyclamen
– Foxgloves

What are the best evergreen plants?

“I’d say fertiniyas, spotted laurel and euonamus are great evergreen plants.”

When’s the best time to plant?

“As soon as you get the keys to your new home, go for it. Even in Winter when the ground is wet, November to March is actually an ideal time for planting trees. Just get in there and enjoy it.”

Are there any garden trends to look out for?

“I think we’re moving more towards native planting now, with wildflowers to encourage wildlife and biodiversity. Having bees, butterflies and birds in the garden is lovely.

“I think it depends on you and your circumstances too. For a professional couple who may be working long hours, you want something minimal that’s easily maintained. I’d suggest a porcelain patio, maybe even astro turf and a fire pit for entertaining on weekends. Whereas for an older couple who might have more time on their hands, a simple patio with raised planters and sleepers work well.”

To find out more about our development in Poulton-le-Fylde, Tithe Gardens, click here.