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How a Story new build can save you money on energy bills

February 2022

With energy bills set to rise by around £693 per year from 1 April 2022, find out how choosing a new Story home over a second-hand home could significantly reduce your energy bills. Plus there’s all the other benefits a Story home has to offer, including being lower maintenance, sustainable and designed to suit modern living.

Why is a new build more efficient and sustainable?

A new build home is carefully designed to deliver improved energy efficiency providing long-term financial benefits such as low hot water and heating costs.

A Story home includes features such as:

  • Efficient heating system
  • High quality insulation
  • High specification doors
  • Double glazed windows
  • Water efficient appliances and fittings
  • Air pressure testing to lock in heat and warmth

Plus, you can expect low maintenance costs, fewer repairs and there’s no renovation required when you choose a new build, saving you restoration costs of up to £45,000* over a second-hand home. Not to mention that the average second-hand home emits 2.46 tonnes more of CO2 than the average new build – the equivalent of 6,000 miles travelled in an average family car, the burning of 1220kg of coal or the consumption of over 242 gallons of diesel, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your new home is better for the environment.

Our developments are built to last with more green spaces, wider paths and we’re committed to improving community areas to create a luxurious way of living that doesn’t end once you step outside of your home. We also work in an environmentally friendly way with sustainable urban drainage systems and recycling across our sites and offices.


How much could a Story new build save me?

HBF reported that the financial savings from new homes in 2018-2019 are the equivalent of more than a month’s worth of average household food costs.

Running costs across the three major utilities in new homes are far lower than they are for existing homes due to the efficient and eco-friendly home building technology. HBF have recorded that new build homeowners have saved an impressive £493.10 a year on average on utility costs since 2009, meaning new homes are not only easier to run than second-hand homes, but much cheaper too.

Our homes are designed with spacious rooms and flexible areas where you can create a home office so if your job enables you to work from home, you could also save a substantial amount in travel costs – making a big difference with the current rising fuel prices. Plus, if you live on a development that has broadband provided by Grain Connect, you will also benefit from no price increases in the contract term as well as a Loyalty Price Promise. An added bonus if you work from home or when factoring in the increases in energy bills. Find out more about Grain Connect here. 

Ways to reduce your energy bills

Although the rise of energy costs is out of your hands, there are a few top tips you could implement to help reduce your consumption and ensure your home is energy efficient. Find out what they are here.

Want to find out more about choosing a Story home?

Read more about why buy new here or explore our specification that’s anything but standard.

You can start your journey to a beautiful new Story home by visiting our development pages and booking an appointment.


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