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Scents for Summer

June 2017

Home scents are something that are often not thought about during the Summer months as the smell of freshly cut grass or tasty barbeques seem to dominate the air.

Keeping your home smelling as good as it looks is essential, so try naturally scenting your home with fresh flowers in the transitional months between Spring and Summer. Tulips, roses and peonies not only smell beautiful and fresh they are also the perfect decorative piece to add a splash of colour your home.

Tropical and zesty fragrances are perfect for the height of Summer, the combination of lemon and lime is quite striking, yet fresh, and would ideally sit well in a kitchen/dining area, when you’re not cooking. Alternatively punchy scents of sweet mango and lychee would be suited to any room, and although they are quite a bold fragrance, they are the epitome of a warm summer’s day.

If you’re looking to reminisce about those peaceful beach front walks then look for candles or diffusers with hints of sea salt, rose and sandalwood with a citrus note. Alternately search for candles with a fruity berry and driftwood base with subtle dashes of ginger and vanilla, these would be perfect for a cool summer’s evening, enabling you to relax and unwind.