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Why choose a new build home?

There is often a question over why customers would choose a new build over a second hand home, and the theory that you get more bang for your buck with an older property. Here at Story Homes we defy convention and so, we beg to differ!

There are many advantages of buying a new build home with a major benefit being the sustainability and energy efficiency. Building sustainable homes and communities, working in an environmentally friendly way and protecting our surroundings is integrated in everything that we do – from sustainable urban drainage systems, to energy efficient homes and recycling across our sites and offices.

With a high specification included as standard in a Story home, you can expect low maintenance costs, fewer repairs, lower fuel bills and there’s no renovation required. Sounds like a smart move to us!

We pride ourselves on looking at the bigger picture. We are committed to providing more green spaces, wider paths and improving community areas, creating a luxurious way of living that doesn’t end once you step outside of your home. Our street scenes are not to be sniffed at with our design team carefully plotting out a variety of house types, ensuring the overall look is diverse and characterful to last a lifetime.

Want to know more about the advantages of buying a new home? Click here. Or, if we’ve convinced you enough, take a peek at the variety of beautiful homes on offer and begin your story with us.

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