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Top recycling scores for two completed developments

July 2014

Two of Story Homes’ recently completed developments have delivered exemplary recycling scores.

With work now finished on the Magellan Park development in Whitehaven, and Grange Close in Wigton, the sites can boast that almost 100% of construction waste material taken off site was recycled and diverted from landfill waste.magellan-park-w1000

The Magellan Park development on High Road in Whitehaven had an exceptional recycling rate of 99.7%. The results are taken from phase two of the development at Magellan Park, which started in March 2010 and brought 87 new houses to Whitehaven. The Grange Close development in Wigton, which brought 22 new build homes to the town, has achieved a recycling score of 96.2%.

The recycling score applies to each skip of waste material which is removed from the development site by partner organisation Reconomy. The materials are then recycled where possible. The industry requirement for recycling waste taken off a construction site is 85%+. At present each one of Story Homes live developments is diverting between 89% and 100% from landfill. Story Homes has a site waste management plan for each project, setting targets and ensuring that all waste is segregated and dealt with appropriately and safely, and recycled or reused where possible. The type of materials usually taken away by skip to be recycled includes wood, plaster board, cardboard and glass.

In total, Magellan Park had 401.84 tons of waste and 400.583 tons were recycled. Reconomy estimated that the development would create 538 tons of waste, using statistics relating to house sizes and number of plots. Story Homes were able to reduce this significantly thanks to more sustainable ways of working. Grange Close had 155.9 tons of waste and 149.9 tons were recycled.

Simon McClelland, Sustainable Homes Advisor for Story Homes said: “Through Reconomy we are able to ensure that as much material as possible is reused or recycled, diverting as much as possible from going to landfill. Our waste management provider gives us the resource we need to monitor and evaluate our scores regularly, ensuring we play an important part in recycling and keeping our developments as ‘green’ as possible. We are particularly proud of our scores for Magellan Park and we will continue to make future improvements wherever possible.”

Story Homes currently has plans for further development in Whitehaven, with the Water’s Edge scheme due to be released for sale later this year.